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A wordy bird

Copywriter, editor, marketing communicator, tutor


"I didn't know you could hire someone to write that kind of thing!"

That's what a client said to me when he realised he could outsource his business writing and editing to me. You'd be amazed what a good copywriter can do for you: from presentations and white papers to web content and structure, and all the marketing communications and advertising you can eat.

I'm available for hire as a copywriter, branding consultant, editor, business writer and trainer, but it's probably easier to just email me and tell me how I can help.

If you'd like to see my CV, it's on LinkedIn, so feel free to pop over for a gander. The edited highlights are: based in Monmouthshire, Postgraduate Diploma in Advertising from Watford, Y&R Geneva, Golley Slater, Dutton Merrifield, Freelancer, Sprog, lived in Switzerland for a few years, PGCE to teach adults, taught Advertising at the University of South Wales, and more freelancing.

If that's left you breathless, nowadays I'm a freelance business writer and tutor. I started as an advertising copywriter, and still love doing that, but my curiosity has led me into intriguing little niches of wordiness. I love technical subjects and am happiest when making them understandable without over-simplifying.

Recently, I've been in-house at UK NARIC three days each week, copywriting and editing their communications - from newsletters to web pages.  It's a fascinating company to work for and combines my interests in academia and communications. But I do miss creating concepts and campaigns, and would love to work on something new and interesting.

I enjoyed teaching on the BA (Hons) Advertising Design course at the Faculty of the Creative Industries in Cardiff, and attained Fellowship of the HEA this summer. I'm keen to take on more FE and HE teaching and training, whether as an HPL or for individual sessions. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

If you want to know about me as a person, feel free to follow me on Twitter or Instagram but be warned that I have political opinions, swear and post boring photos of my pets. If you'd like to know quite how much of a fragonerd I am, you might enjoy reading my blog posts at Fragrance Daily and I Scent You A Day.